There are few more iconic NBA Playoffs game-winners in recent memory than when Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young broke the hearts of New York Knicks fans in Madison Square Garden a couple of years ago. It was in Game 1 of the first round, which also happened to be Trae's postseason debut. To say that it was a memorable one would be a complete understatement.

For starters, here's a look at that unforgettable floater that allowed the Hawks to steal home-court advantage from the Knicks in that series. New York fans may want to look away now:

In a recent podcast interview, Trae was asked which of his game-winners stands out as his favorite one. Naturally, the Hawks point guard had to look back at that historic shot in MSG:

“It's the Knicks for sure,” Young said. “Just because it was Game 1 of my first playoffs ever. The atmosphere was crazy. It was just so fun in that arena. Coach drew up a play for me to get the ball in the backcourt, and then John (Collins) was supposed to set a ball screen for me so I can get downhill, and something happened. I think it was his shoe. I think his shoe fell. He lost his shoe. And I just kind of told him to get out the way, and then I was just going to try to create for myself or create for somebody else. But, yeah, that's kind of what happened. I went and just kind of made a play on Frank and got to my floater. I think I got it. It should have been an and-1, but the moment and everything that happened, they couldn't call a foul. But I'm happy it went in, for sure.”

Trae then recalled how he was being viciously jeered by Knicks fans throughout that contest, and how it was an ultimate redemption moment for him when he stunned the crowd with that shot:

“Yeah, I did my little shiver and the crowd was chanting [‘F**k you'] the whole game, so I had to just like (say), ‘It got quiet in here,'” Young said. “It was crazy, though. I love that type of competitiveness, though. It's fun.”

There's probably no bigger enemy right now for Knicks fans than Trae Young. It has been two long years, but the fact that the Hawks star just loves to relive that iconic moment every chance he gets is a big reason why New York still hasn't forgotten about his heartbreaking game-winner.