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Trae Young reveals what Kobe Bryant told him at Lakers game

Kobe bryant, Trae Young

For a young star like Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young, meeting a legend of the game can help him in ways he didn’t even think was possible. That is exactly what the Rookie of the Year runner-up felt when he met Kobe Bryant during the Hawks’ loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Undisputed published a great video that tried to encapsulate what Young’s life was like at the moment. He talked about playing in LA, having his family over, and adjusting to the professional life.

He detailed how he saw many Atlanta rap icons at Staples Center when his Hawks played LeBron James and the Lakers. Of course, the biggest highlight for him was meeting the legendary Kobe Bryant in the flesh.

Trae Young said he met Kobe during his high school days at the Nike Skills Academy. He said he talked to Kobe and his daughter after the game. Kobe’s daughter is reportedly a big fan of Young’s game.

He also shared he felt a connection between him and the Lakers legend.

“It’s kinda crazy but I felt like we kinda have the same mentality: we hate losing,” Trae Young said of his talk with Kobe. “I was telling him that after the game. He was just telling me how it’s all part of the process, to be patient, and just understand that things are going to turn. He’s a great dude, someone I can lean on for advice now. It’s pretty cool.”

Trae is doing pretty well for himself nowadays. He’s averaging 26.8 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 8.6 assists every game. If he gets to soak up all the experience Kobe can offer him, he will become one of the league’s deadliest guards.