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Hawks’ Trae Young sees himself winning a championship, being a 3-time All-Star, by his 5th season

Trae Young, Hawks

Atlanta Hawks youngster Trae Young just had an excellent rookie season that saw him go head-to-head with fellow NBA newcomer Luka Doncic for Rookie of the Year. Now that his team has set its focus on a full rebuild with him as the focal point, the young point guard sees himself being able to do a lot of things in the foreseeable future.

In an interview with Simply Buckhead’s Michael Jacobs, Young said he believes he can become an NBA champion and a multiple time All-Star once he reaches his fifth year in the league:

“I could see myself having won a championship or two, being in three or four All-Star Games. I can definitely see myself doing a lot of cool things as far as the team and also individually. I don’t necessarily like to set limits and bars; I just see a lot of really good possibilities.”

Leading the Hawks to a championship within five years seems like a reach at the moment, considering the fact that Young still has to lead them to the playoffs first. Still, things can change quickly in the NBA.

If Young is as good as he thinks he is, the Hawks have a bright future. But he’s not the only one who holds the key to the franchise’s success. A lot of things have to fall in place before the Hawks can be considered as serious championship contenders. But the most important is the development of their young core, which also includes players like John Collins, De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish. If Young and his fellow Hawks can improve gradually over the next five seasons, Atlanta could be in the title picture.

Young is someone who doesn’t lack confidence, but if we’ve learned something about him last season, it’s the fact that he’s a hard worker who will do everything he can to back it up.