Hawks news: Vince Carter speaks out on not ring chasing
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Vince Carter speaks out on not ring chasing: ‘I’m not gonna sell my soul’

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Atlanta Hawks swingman Vince Carter was a guest on rapper T.I.’s podcast recently. During the interview, VC spoke about why he has never been interested in “ring chasing.”

Carter, who is retiring from the NBA after the 2019-20 season, said he never wanted to sell his soul just for a championship ring (h/t Timothy Rapp of Bleacher Report):

“I’m not gonna quote-unquote sell my soul to get [a ring]. What I mean by that is, I feel like at this age—being 43 on the court and still being able to compete and play and do what I can do on the court. … My thing is that if I go to another team out there that’s primed and ready to win a championship, it’s not guaranteed that I’m going to play, play a lot,” the Hawks veteran said.

“And I can’t handle that, brother. I love the game too much to just sit there and use my voice but can’t use my skill on the court.”

This is why Vince Carter is beloved by so many. He has always stuck to his principles and wasn’t going to comprise his values for an NBA title.

Vinsanity appeared in 60 games for the Hawks in 2019-20. He averaged 5.0 points and 2.1 rebounds while shooting 35.2 percent from the field and 30.2 percent from beyond the arc in 14.6 minutes per contest.

The Hawks had the second-worst record in the Eastern Conference standings before the campaign was suspended, so Carter and the rest of his teammates weren’t headed for the playoffs.

If Carter has played his last game in the NBA (if the 2019-20 regular season doesn’t resume), then it has been one helluva career. The 43-year-old holds career averages of 16.7 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 1,541 games.