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Hawks have been trying to trade Dennis Schroder for ‘several weeks’

Dennis Schroder

The Atlanta Hawks recently traded for Jeremy Lin, a transaction that further indicated that the team is willing to move on from Dennis Schroder – except that they still could not because it has been reportedly hard to find a trade partner who would take the German court general, per Michael Cunningham of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Hawks have been trying to trade Schroder for weeks, but haven’t found much of a market for him, according to a person with knowledge of the discussions. Schroder’s poor 3-point shooting and atrocious defense last season hurt his trade value but not as much as his legal troubles, according to people with knowledge of how other teams view Schroder.

Lin is not expected to be traded any time soon by the Hawks, who have stated before that they intend to keep the veteran 29-year-old guard. Atlanta values Lin’s experience and his veteran presence in the locker room, something that neither rookie point guard Trae Young nor Dennis Schroder could provide.

Schroder has been around the league since 2013 but the Hawks are simply not seeing much progress from him in terms of maturity. Schroder has a pending legal issue after being arrested last year for misdemeanor battery charges.

Dennis Schroder averaged 19.4 points and 6.2 assists per game for the Hawks last season, and while he’s proven his ability to get buckets and set his teammates up for scoring chances, his lack of a dependable outside shot is another key element why the market has been cold for him. Schroder is a career 32.0 percent 3-point shooter and is coming off a season in which he made just 29.0 percent of his shots from long range.