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Video: Hawks rookies get cars popcorned

Trae Young

The glamorous life of an NBA rookie has a few minor drawbacks. For one, rookies are routinely the butt of locker room jokes and hijinks. Atlanta Hawks rookies were the latest victims of a veteran prank. Trae Young and his fellow rookies returned to their cars to find they were filled with popcorn:

Hawks guard Jeremy Lin caught the prank on Instagram. When he finally got to see the damage up close, it was worse than Lin originally thought. The popcorn filled the cars almost completely, but it wasn’t all bad. Lin did a taste testing of the popcorn used in the prank and called it “high-level popcorn.”

So even though they were pranked, at least the rookies could enjoy the popcorn while they cleaned out their cars.

Hawks veteran Kent Bazemore had a message for the rookies as well. Lin turned from a basketball player into an interviewer for a brief moment to get Bazemore’s thoughts on the prank. Bazemore had a simple message: “Be humble, man.”

That’s essentially what the entire prank boils down to. To say that the veterans do this to humiliate the rookies is probably too strong, but pranks like these are a way for veterans to take the rookies down a notch. It’s a quick reality check for any rookie who may start believing their own hype.

In the end, it’s a harmless prank and you can expect to see another popcorn prank from other teams in the league as the season progresses.