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Hearts of Iron 4 hackers leave players frustrated and Paradox stumped

Hearts of Iron 4 key visual

Hearts of Iron 4, Paradox Interactive’s World War 2 Grand Strategy game, is the latest target of DDoS attacks.

While Paradox Interactive staff are out on a well-deserved summer vacation break, fans of Hearts of Iron 4 are left with a headache. Multiplayer games are currently hard to finish, as servers get taken down by the severity of Denial of Service attacks by hackers. The coordinated attacks prevent multiplayer sessions from playing to completion, with frustrated players reporting their experiences on Reddit and on Paradox’s official messageboards.

Paradox Interactive has noticed these sentiments and is fully aware of the situation. However, the staff cannot put their entire force behind the problem at the moment. Most of their employees are out on vacation, as imposed by Swedish law, and are currently not available to fix the issue. Peter “Arheo” Nicholson explains the studio’s situation: “As of now, I have no ETA on any solutions. It’s still the middle of our vacation period here, but those personnel who are available are investigating.”

Nicholson also reminds players that there are no easy fixes to DDoS attacks. Meaning, even if everyone shortens their vacation break to work on fixes today, it won’t do much difference. “The long-term solution is to replace the API in question,” Nicholson says. “This is not something we can do quickly, and throwing people at the problem will not speed it up. In the short term, we’re looking into providing some ways in which hosts can work around the issue or avoid public visibility of servers.”

Swedish Law imposes companies to give their employees paid 25-day uninterrupted leaves between June to August. Paradox Interactive’s summer vacation is currently ongoing, and fans will only have to wait for the devs to come back to save the day.