It has been two full years since Chris Bosh has set foot on an NBA court. This seems like an epic fall from grace from a player who was once the franchise star of the Toronto Raptors, and a member oft he Miami Heat's championship-winning Big Three. Bosh, who unfortunately suffered from blood clots in his lungs, was forced to put his career on hold twice until the significant risk to his life went away.

It turns out that the Heat didn't want to take the risk of playing (or paying) Bosh anymore, so Bosh left the team and the NBA. No one is sure if Bosh will play again in the NBA, but the star power forward has stated otherwise. Bosh has expressed that he wants to make a NBA comeback, and that he wants to do it this season.

This is certainly as challenging a position as any. There isn't an NBA team that will likely sign Bosh. There are a variety of reasons for that. To start, Bosh hasn't played basketball in two years. Therefore, it's unlikely if any team will take a chance on the aging power forward. Second, Bosh's blood clots are still a concern.

While it has been two years since he suffered from the injury, respiratory illnesses are taken very seriously in the NBA. Even if a team decides to sign him, he may not even pass a physical which is required for a player to sign with any NBA team.

Lastly, there doesn't appear to be a need for Bosh right now. There are some teams that are testing the free agent market right now, but Bosh would be in a faraway island from those free agents, mainly because of his injury history. Still, Bosh seems determined to make a comeback, so it will be worth it to see what unfolds.