Even though Shaq and Charles Barkley made it adamantly clear that they were all too excited to go on vacation following the end of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, the pair were still commissioned for NBA TV's broadcast of the NBA Finals between Miami and the Denver Nuggets. As expected, the pair went at it right at the start of the broadcast ahead of Game 1 on Thursday night.

As soon as the introductions were made, Barkley immediately questioned Shaq's credentials for being in the Hall of Fame. O'Neal clapped back with a savage response as he channeled his inner Klay Thompson with his reaction to Chuck's jab:

“‘Coz I got four of them thangs,” Shaq responded.

All Barkley could do was laugh after that savage response from Shaq. Here is your daily reminder that for his part, Charles Barkley has zero championships to his name.

For those that require context, Thompson has established himself as the unofficial trademark owner of the four-rings gesture. He's busted out this exact same motion multiple times in the past, mostly when he's involved in some sort of trash-talking exchange with an opponent. Klay has a knack for reminding anyone and everyone that he's already won four championships with the Golden State Warriors.

In his own right, Shaquille O'Neal also has four of them rings. He won three with the Los Angeles Lakers, and his final one, fittingly, was with the Heat. Much like Klay Thompson, Shaq just wanted to remind Barkley of this fact.