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Shaquille O’Neal recalls ‘favorite’ naked shower fight with Dorell Wright

Heat, Shaquille O'Neal, Dorell Wright

Contrary to popular belief, Shaquille O’Neal’s favorite moment with the Miami Heat isn’t winning the title in 2006. It’s actually having a shower fight with Dorrell Wright while naked.

O’Neal admitted to this in the Text Message Talk Show with Dorrell Wright at the Players’ Tribune. O’Neal recalled that Udonis Haslem didn’t even think of breaking them up.

For Wright, his favorite moment with the Heat was when Pat Riley—who was their head coach then—almost kicked him out of the locker room after a bad loss. According to him, Riley had this habit of rewinding the game clip over and over again and asking his players why they did what they did.

Wright, for some reason, couldn’t stop laughing and Riley wanted him out. But O’Neal had his back and told him not to go anywhere.

To recall, O’Neal joined the Heat in the summer of 2004 after his falling out with Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. Wright, meanwhile, was the 19th overall pick by the Heat in 2004. Perhaps it’s safe to assume that O’Neal took Wright under his wing, teaching him the ins and outs of the NBA. Little did Wright know that he was going to fight with the Big Diesel in the showers.

The Heat won the title in O’Neal’s second season with the team, which is also Wright’s second year in the league. Though O’Neal stayed for just three years donning the Heat jersey, Wright played for six seasons in Florida as a solid role player.