Multiple reports have recently come out to say that at this point, Kevin Durant has accepted his fate of not being able to force a trade away from the Brooklyn Nets. There just hasn't been enough traction of late, despite noteworthy efforts from interested teams such as the Miami Heat.

At this point, however, renowned NBA broadcaster Skip Bayless firmly believes that the Heat can still get this deal done. His confidence stems from the unbridled talent of one man: Miami team president Team Riley.

“There's one man who I hold in the highest regard just the way I do Jerry West, who also has deep Laker connections,” Bayless said on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed (h/t Shandel Richardson of FanNation). “That man is now running the Miami Heat and that man is Pat Riley.

“If anybody can figure something out like this in ways that to the naked eye you can't see it. Trust me but, and by all accounts, he is feverishly working behind the scenes to try to figure something out (for Durant). I believe Pat thinks of Kevin what Jerry thinks of Kevin. In so doing, Pat says, ‘I wanna win at least one more title here before I'm finished, and the one guy who can do that for me the fastest is that guy. If in fact he's available, I have to figure out how to go get him at any cost.”

As Bayless said, if there's one guy in the league who can pull off such a seemingly impossible feat, it has to be Pat Riley. This man has done this so many times in the past, and he is indeed a master of his craft. It would be foolish to put the Heat's pursuit of Kevin Durant beyond Mr. Riley. After all, nothing is impossible for the 77-year-old NBA icon.