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Here’s how you can fix the Warzone infinite update bug on PS4/Xbox

Warzone, Call of Duty, Update Bug

Many players currently experience the Warzone infinite update bug. Players who won the game on PlayStation and Xbox reportedly get stuck in an endless loop of updating the game. But what causes this issue? Are there any workarounds? Here’s how you can fix the Warzone infinite update bug on PS4 or Xbox One.


As reported by Charlie Intel, Raven Software, co-developers of Call of Duty Warzone, “Some players on console are having to reinstall the update multiple times over.” This sentence comprises part of a Trello Card in the studio’s official Trello Board. To solve the Warzone infinite update bug, the developers suggest:

  1. Let both install
  2. Launch the game
  3. Go to DLC Management screen (R3) from Main menu or via Settings menu
  4. Install both Campaign Packs, & Special Ops Packs

Step 1 refers to both the 16 GB update and an 11 GB add-on download. Following these instructions should solve the problem, says Raven Software. However, Raven Software still wants to make sure that this solution works for everyone. Hence, they request players to report back to them if they were able to fix their issues with the above solution. So far, just as the tweet below suggests, the solution seems to be working for some users.


The Warzone infinite update bug first arose on April 6, when they added an 11 GB update on top of the 16 GB March 30 Season Two Patch. This patch fixes R1 Shadowhunter Camo Challenges and balances the Cold War Tactical Rifle Charlie and FFAR 1. Some bugs involving attachments were also fixed. However, this new update, when downloaded alongside the March 30 patch, causes the Warzone infinite update bug. Hence, it seems like those who were able to download and install the March 30 patch first didn’t experience the Warzone infinite update bug.

The March 30 Season Two Reloaded Patch itself brought more content to Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. It brought several new maps including the Mansion and Golova. It added two new Operators: Wolf and Rivas. Finally, it introduced the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle, which is a gun you’d like to get your hands on.

While the Warzone infinite update bug is most commonly reported by console players, it’s not clear it also affects PC players. If you play on PC and experience the same issue, you may try the above solution and see for yourself if it’s applicable.


As usual, Raven Software keeps a lookout for cheaters. On April 7, another wave of 15,000 accounts received the banhammer. Allegedly, Raven Software’s new anti-cheat update tagged these accounts. This seems to be a weekly occurrence already, each instance always going over 10,000. As Raven Software’s tweet reads: “More to come.”

However, players have had complaints about Raven Software’s new anti-cheat update. Many unsubstantiated claims insinuate that a majority of these banned accounts come from legitimate users, implying false positives. Meanwhile, others remark how futile the activity is, trying to ban accounts that can easily be remade for a free-to-play game.

To prevent your account from getting banned, avoid using cheats and other programs that interact with COD Warzone. Meanwhile, also avoid exploiting bugs and glitches that you discover or hear about. As Raven Software’s anti-cheat program automatically flags such accounts, don’t risk getting your account banned by doing these unscrupulous actions.