Hogwarts Legacy Talents are the basic essentials for creating the ultimate wizard or witch in the game and here are the best early talents to start your magical journey. Hogwarts Legacy Talents is the game's mechanic of having permanent upgrades for your character when you level up while playing through the story. Here are all the best early talents to learn first in Hogwarts Legacy explained to serve as an easy guide for your playthrough.

With the game having the limitation of not being able to learn all the talents, you have to choose wisely on which talents to learn, especially when you are just starting the game. You need to pick the right ones to make your life easier. Learning different spells and masteries will be fun to explore but you should still focus on learning the best talents Hogwarts Legacy can offer. These talents will help you increase your spell arsenal, spell power, and stronger magic against any enemy you will face against.

Hogwarts Legacy Guide – Best Talent Builds To Learn

Here is the list of talents to get early to make your life easier during your first playthrough. We included some Level 16 and Level 22 spells to complete your Talent Points and make your life easier during the late stages of the game:

Core Talents
Basic Cast Mastery – Basic casts reduce spell cooldown (Level 5)
Spell Knowledge 1  Adds an additional spell set which you can switch to (Level 5)
Spell Knowledge 2 Adds an additional spell set which you can switch to (Level 5)
Wiggenweld Potency – Wiggenweld Potions heal to a greater effect (Level 5)
Spell Knowledge 3 Adds an additional spell set which you can switch to (Level 16)
Wiggenweld Mastery – Wiggenweld heals to a greater affect (Level 16)
Stupefy Expertise – Stupefy deals damage on impact (Level 22)

Spell Talents
Diffindo Mastery – Diffindo casts slice through enemies (Level 5)
Incendio Mastery – A ring of fire will be cast at the player’s feet when casting (Level 5)
Confringo Mastery – Confringo impacts product bolts that seek enemies (Level 5)
Descendo Mastery  Create a shockwave when an enemy lands (Level 16)

Stealth Talents
Human Demiguise – Allows you to sprint when using Disillusionment (Level 5)
Sense of Secrecy 1 – Enemies’ ability to detect you is reduced (Level 5)

Dark Arts Talents
Disarming Curse – Enemies hit with Expelliarmus are cursed (Level 5)
Blood Curse  dealing damage to cursed targets deal damage to all cursed enemies (Level 5)
Stunning Curse – Stupefy causes enemies to be cursed (Level 5)
Curse Sapper – Defeating a cursed enemies restore some health (Level 22)

Room of Requirement Talents
Headache – the damage and duration of the Mandrake effect is increased (Level 16)

Best Early Talents Breakdown

Basic Cast Mastery

The most essential talent in the game since this allows you to decrease the cooldown of your spells when using Basic Cast.

Spell Knowledge Talents 1-3

This talent allows you to have an additional three sets of Spells to switch to on the fly. This will give you the versatility of selecting different spells in the game to use.

Wiggenweld Potion Talents 

The Wiggenweld Talents will increase the effectiveness of Wiggenweld Potions. This will further increase your survivability.

Stupefy Expertise

Stupefy Expertise will deal direct damage to enemies when you cast this spell instead of only stunning them.

Diffindo Mastery

Diffindo Mastery will allow Diffindo casts to slice through enemies, dealing damage to enemies behind as well.

Incendio Mastery

Incendio Mastery talent will allow Incendio to change to a ring of fire cast around you when you use it.

Confringo Mastery

Congringo will do even more damage, as it will send out bolts that seek out enemies.

Descendo Mastery

Descendo will allow you to deal a shockwave when an enemy lands from the spell.

Human Demiguise

Human Demiguise will allow you to sprint whenever using Disillusionment.

Sense of Secrecy 1

Sense of Secrecy will make it more difficult for enemies to detect you when you’re invisible.

Disarming Curse

The Disarming Curse will curse enemies that you cast Expelliarmus on.

Blood Curse

Any enemy that you damage who is cursed, will deal damage to all cursed enemies, with this talent.

Stunning Curse

With this Dark Arts talent, any time you cast Stupefy on an enemy that attacks you will curse them.

Curse Sapper

Curse Sapper will restore some of your health whenever you defeat a cursed enemy. This will increase your survivability facing cursed enemies.


Headache will increase the duration and damage of any Mandrake you will use.

These are some of the best early talents to get to start your magical journey in Hogwarts Legacy. You can still choose your own path on how you want to play the game but these talents will help you in the early stages of the game, which will also be useful in the future.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available on Nintendo Switch following its November 14, 2023 release date. If not on the Switch, players can also get the game on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC. This guide is applicable for all versions of the game. For more gaming news from us, check out our Gaming frontpage.