Hornets news: Kemba Walker says staying with Charlotte is his 'goal'
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Hornets All-Star Kemba Walker says staying with only one team is a ‘goal to accomplish’

Kemba Walker, Hornets

It seems that Kemba Walker has another long-term goal besides winning an NBA Championship. He wants to be a member of the Charlotte Hornets for his entire career.

At a time when All-Star caliber players are moving around and looking for their next pay day, the Hornets guard wants to stay put. He even calls it a goal, per NBA.com.

“There’s something to be said for being on a team for your whole career. Not many players have done that. Only a select few. That’s a goal to accomplish.” Walker said.

Why wouldn’t he want to cement his legacy in Charlotte? He is the star of that team, and he will be for as long as he stays there. Even if other star-caliber players show up, Walker will remain a fan favorite.

“People think of the Charlotte Hornets and they think of me. It’s kind of mind blowing to me as well.” Walker said.

Mind blowing or not, it is something Walker has earned. After the Hornets selected him with the ninth overall pick in 2011, he has blossomed into a true All-Star and is now set to take part in the annual festivity for the third straight year. This season is one of his best as well, as he is averaging 24.9 points, 4.4 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game.

The Hornets organization is lucky to have a player like Walker because he has melded nicely in the community. He has truly become the face of the franchise.

The kind of loyalty that keeps players in one place for a long time is pretty rare nowadays, so to have a star want to do that is really good for the entire Hornets organization.