There is no denying that LaMelo Ball is one of the most exciting young prospects in the NBA today. His flamboyant style on the basketball court has earned him a lot of fans over his three seasons in the NBA. What is also a known fact is that the Charlotte Hornets star's unique approach to the game also translates to his one-of-a-kind swag off the floor. A clear testament to this fact is LaMelo's newest piece of jewelry that he so proudly flexed on social media.

There are no words to describe this new timepiece from the former Rookie of the Year, so you better just have a look at it:

I guess you can still call that a watch. After all, it does satisfy all the necessary requirements of a watch, which is primarily to tell time. Obviously, this thing does more than just that.

Unfortunately for LaMelo Ball, his flex prompted some awful clowning on the mean streets of Twitter. The keyboard warriors did not hold back as they shared their way-too-honest thoughts on Ball's latest investment:


Jerry Donatien ·

Jerry Donatien ·

It's safe to say that the folks on Twitter do not like this new watch. Then again, they don't have LaMelo's taste, which as it seems, could be a good thing. Either way, the naysayers couldn't even imagine how much this watch cost so I'm pretty sure Ball won't mind all the hate. At the end of the day, he's still a multi-millionaire who can afford these types of flashy things, so he likely won't take these comments to heart.