Charlotte Hornets star Miles Bridges went viral for all the wrong reasons on Monday night after he posted an Instagram story of him allegedly drinking what many people believed was lean, which contains cough syrup, codeine, and soda.

Via Complex Sports:

miles bridges instagram stories joint and pink drink

The Hornets high-flyer then faced serious backlash on social media after posting the photo, especially because he also had a joint in his hand. Bridges ultimately took to Twitter and claimed it was pink lemonade.

Here is the since-deleted tweet, courtesy of Complex:

miles bridges instagram stories joint and pink drink responds with tweet

Regardless if he's telling the truth or not, this is a very bad look for a player who is looking for a hefty extension this summer. He was offered a four-year, $60 million deal from the Hornets prior to the 2021-22 campaign but the Michigan State product turned it down. However, Bridges certainly put up impressive numbers this past season which proved he is deserving of a new contract. The 24-year-old averaged a career-high 20.2 points, seven rebounds, and 3.8 assists in 80 games.

Miles Bridges is an RFA this summer, which means the Hornets can match any offer that other teams put on the table. He's clearly an important part of Charlotte's future alongside LaMelo Ball, but posting childish things like this on social media and then having to defend yourself is certainly not a good look. Plus, if the NBA somehow found out it was in fact lean, he could face serious repercussions.