Miles Bridges has pleaded not guilty in his domestic violence case. The Charlotte Hornets forward is facing three felony charges for beating the mother of his children in front of the two kids.

According to t0 Baxter Holmes of ESPN, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon wrote in a release that the allegations against Bridges state that he is responsible for causing “great bodily injury” and noted that his two children were present at the time of the attack.

According to the DA's release, the case “includes an allegation of causing great bodily injury on the domestic violence victim.” The release noted that the children were present for the alleged assault but did not otherwise specify what the child abuse counts stemmed from.

Mychelle Johnson, Miles Bridges' significant other, shared photos of her injuries after Bridges' arrest in Los Angeles on June 29th. Johnson was admitted to the hospital and showed an official report showing that she sustained a concussion, a rib contusion, a neck muscle strain and a nasal bone fracture at the hands of her male partner.

Bridges entered this offseason as a restricted free agent. He was the leading scorer for the Hornets last season. Following his arrest, he was released on $130,000 bond.