Hornets video: Miles Bridges looking to destroy rims in Las Vegas
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Video: Miles Bridges looking to destroy rims in Las Vegas

miles bridges

The Las Vegas Summer League has showcased plenty of remarkable performances from this year’s rookie class thus far. Kevin Knox, Trae Young, and Collin Sexton, among others, have all made waves. Another greenhorn that’s not to be outdone is the Charlotte Hornets’ Miles Bridges.

In the Hornets’ recent game against the Toronto Raptors, which they lost 87-84, Bridges came out to play and also offered a couple of highlights to remember for NBA fans and one to salivate over for the Charlotte faithful.

Early in the game, Bridges started out with a powerful driving slam right in the grill of a hapless Raptors defender. He wasn’t done, though. The high-flying forward out of Michigan State also pulled off a move never before seen in the NBA that despite failing to convert, still deserves countless of replays due to its off-the-chart creativity.

This one has Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins written all over it.

Bridges is one of the more intriguing lottery picks of his class. His game is very much fit for the modern NBA and his upside is tantalizing.

The high-flying forward finished the game with 18 points, 11 rebounds, and four assists. Although the loss sends the Hornets packing in Vegas.