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Huke and SlasheR returns to Los Angeles Thieves starting lineup for CDL

Huke SlasheR LA Thieves Starting Lineup

Los Angeles Thieves finds themselves in a short pickle, placing 5th right now out of 6 in their group for CDL Stage 4. They’re at (1-2) right now, with two more matches lined up for this week. To increase their chances of finishing with a higher seed, LA Thieves changes up their roster once again. LA Thieves brings up Huke and SlasheR back to the starting lineup, with Drazah and Venom moving to the bench. Hence, LA Thieves’ starting lineup for Call of Duty League Stage 4 Group Stage is as follows:

  1. Thomas “TJHaLy” Haly
  2. Kenny “Kenny” Williams
  3. Cuyler “Huke” Garland
  4. Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat

Huke comes back to the starting lineup after being benched just shortly before the start of Stage 4. TJHaLy originally replaced Huke from the starting lineup at that time, which was the second time Huke went to bench for the year. Prior to this one, Huke was sent to the bench by Dallas Empires, the previous team Huke was in. Huke won the championship with the Dallas Empires during the past CDL World Championships, which made the move surprising. Shortly after getting benched by Dallas Empires, he signed with LA Thieves, but then got benched as well soon after.

For LA Thieves to place higher on the group stage, they will have to win both of their games this week. They will be facing Minnesota RØKKR tomorrow and then OpTic Chicago on Sunday. Right now at 5th place, LA Thieves will end up in CDL Stage 4 Major Winners Round 1. Of course, there’s potential for both dropping down and going up, which makes it important for LA Thieves to win their games this weekend.