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Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn has best reaction to Indians’ name change

Cleveland Indians Guardians

The Cleveland Indians will become the Cleveland Guardians next season. This has brought plenty of reaction from across the internet, ranging from people making jokes to people being outraged to people genuinely liking the change. Basically, the whole gamut of emotions.

Naturally, one of the best reactions came from Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn:

I’m all for Rocket Raccoon being the Guardians mascot. Or maybe Groot. Or even Peter Quill. Given this new name, it at least wouldn’t be a surprise to see Cleveland have a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed night at Progressive Field.

Of course, while these jokes are easy to make, there is an actual meaning to this new Guardians name that’s special to Cleveland. It’s a reference to the city’s architectural history.

Via CNN:

The choice of Guardians draws inspiration from Cleveland’s architectural history. The Guardians of Traffic are the large art deco statues that adorn the Hope Memorial Bridge that connects the city’s west side with the east side.

And here’s a look at the actual new logos:

You’re never going to make everybody happy with a name change. While it’s not the most exciting name, it at least has meaning to Cleveland. There are plenty of other dumb nicknames, logos and mascots out there, with many having nothing to do with their respective cities.

The Indians could have done much worse with this name change to the Guardians.