The singer Jewel performed the national anthem at the 2023 Indianapolis 500 mile car race, colloquially known as the Indy 500. The fans had totally mixed reactions to her unique performance. Some people called it the best rendition they'd ever heard and some said she butchered and mangled the national anthem, per USAToday.

Jewel is a multiplatinum singer raised in Homer, Alaska. She grew up yodeling with her father in a local duo group. She rose to fame in the late 90s, signing with Atlantic Records. She's got the small town to big city vibe if anyone ever saw her. She's sold over 30 million albums worldwide, and now she's sung at the Indy 500.

As part of the opening ceremonies, New Mexico's Holloman Air Force Base also sent four F-16 Vipers. It brought fans to tears, just like Jewel's rendition of the national anthem. She made the national anthem her own, performing with an acoustic guitar. Her voice was beautiful, as usual, and there were notes of her yodeling past. However, it garnered attention because of how differently she sang the song.

Some people struggled to sing along because it wasn't the typical way it was sung. It must've been really hard for them. She's not the first artist to have ever changed the song before. Still, some people found the rendition “butchered” because it wasn't what they were used to.

One person said, “Jewel mangling the national anthem what a shocker.” Another agreed, “Jewel butchered the national anthem at the Indy 500. People were trying to sing along but couldn't because of the way she sang it. What a shame.”

But many found it stunning. Many people said, “Jewel singing the national anthem at the Indy 500 is a thing I didn't even know I needed.” Another: “Jewel just did the best national anthem I’ve ever heard in my life I’m not exaggerating.”

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