Former NFL star and Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders made waves when he landed one of the top recruits in the nation, cornerback Travis Hunter. Hunter, who spurned the likes of powerhouse schools such as Georgia, Florida State and Auburn to join the Tigers, became the subject of an NIL controversy after allegations emerged that he was paid over a million dollars to come play for Sanders.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban, who questioned the recruiting move in its aftermath, again came after Sanders and Jackson State, saying that the former NFL star and the university paid a top recruit a million dollars and “bragged about it.” Sanders called out Saban over his “lie” on Wednesday night:

Sanders said that he “will address the lie Coach Saban told.” The Jackson State head coach clearly isn't pleased with the championship-winning Alabama coach's NIL accusation — and plans to do something about it.

Sanders finished his tweet saying “we as a people don't have to pay our people to play with our people.” The Tigers head coach is denying any NIL deals were a part of the equation for Hunter, the nation's top-ranked recruit.

The NCAA apparently thinks that some of the recruiting moves this past winter were NIL-influenced, as they recently sent out a press release urging teams to keep boosters out of the process.

Sanders and Saban are just the latest head coaches to become involved in a war of words over an issue that threatens to change the sport forever.