It seems Jake Paul can just do anything he wants at this point. After his sensational knockout of former UFC star Tyron Woodley in their much-hyped boxing match a few days ago, Paul is ready to scale higher goals. Quite literally.

According to Jennifer Gould of the New York Post, Paul was spotted in Miami before Christmas Day looking at expensive penthouses.

With his mom, Pam Stepnick, his girlfriend, Julia Rose, in tow, he and his brother, influencer Logan Paul, are considering buying two penthouse units for $20.5 million each, a source tells Gimme.

Gould noted that Paul, in particular, visited the sales office of E11Even Hotel and Residences, one of the premier spots in South Beach. A “cheap” studio in the said building costs around $350,000.

Many doubted and mocked the 24-year-old YouTube star when he started his boxing career. But he's clearly shut them all up with a string of vicious victories. Now, Paul has laughed his way to the bank as he has reportedly amassed a net worth of $17 to $30 million this year alone.

It's clear that he isn't done on the squared circle. But for now, it looks like Jake Paul will have to focus his energy on UFC president Dana White who has challenged the controversial fighter to get a PED test.