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Jake Paul gets ‘gotcha hat’ tattoo after snatching Floyd Mayweather’s cap in wild altercation

Jake Paul, Floyd Mayweather

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather stole the headlines on Thursday after the legendary boxer and Logan Paul faced off for a press conference ahead of their June fight in Miami.

While it was filled with lots of drama and smack-talking, the real story of the day was Jake Paul snatching Mayweather’s cap off his head. That really ticked Floyd off, with one of his bouncers ultimately giving Jake Paul a black eye and a bloody face.

Well, to escalate things even further, Paul literally went and got a “gotcha hat” tattoo later that night. It’s located just above his right knee and honestly, the whole concept is kind of hilarious. Take a look:

The famous Youtuber was the more controversial one over his brother Logan in this regard as he made it a mission to really get under Mayweather’s skin. That goal was definitely met, with “Money” absolutely pissed following their altercation:

This came just after Mayweather said he would fight Logan and Jake Paul in the same night. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past him. After all, he’s never lost a fight and the two brothers have limited experience in the ring. Jake knocked out former UFC fighter Ben Askren last month, while Logan has only fought fellow Youtube sensation KSI.

Hard Rock Stadium will be the venue on June 6th for the bout, with Mayweather entering as the clear-cut favorite. But if one thing is for sure, Jake Paul and Logan won’t go down without a fight; especially when it comes to riling up their opponent.