Jason Witten established himself as one of the elite tight ends in NFL history. He owns the record for the second most receptions and receiving yards by any tight end in the league’s record books. Jason also ranks fourth all-time in terms of receptions by any NFL player with 1,228. The former Dallas Cowboy has surely made his mark in the NFL. While his NFL career turned out successful, his romantic life is just as great. For this piece, let’s get to know more about Jason Witten’s wife Michelle Witten.

Jason Witten’s Wife Michelle Witten

Who is Jason Witten's Wife Michelle Witten, Jason Witten Michelle Witten

Jason and Michelle reportedly go way back. They were both childhood friends that studied in Elizabethton High School. Since high school, Jason and Michelle started dating each other.  Eventually, the couple would go on to study at University of Tennessee. 

Michelle Witten was born on December 17,1979 in Texas. After graduating high school, she earned a degree in Nursing at University of Tennessee. While doing so, Michelle was also part of the university’s dance team. 

Shortly after university, Michelle went on to do her nursing studies in the University of Tennessee’s medical center. Around this time, she also married Jason. After completing her nursing studies, Michelle went on to become a Trauma Nurse for Parkland Memorial Hospital. According to her interview in Inside the Huddle, Michelle says that she was inspired by the tv show, ER. In addition to this, Michelle’s parents are already in the medical industry, given that her dad is a dentist and her mom works in the medical field. 

Michelle’s passion to work in the hospital’s emergency room grew stronger when her eventual husband, Jason, played in the Cotton Bowl, which was held in the same town as Parkland. At that time, Michelle was already studying in nursing school and decided that this was the place she wanted to work at.  

Michelle worked as a trauma nurse for 10 years in Parkland. Although she missed her supposed first day of work, due to her husband’s broken jaw, Michelle’s stay in Parkland left a positive mark in her life. As a nurse, she helped cure various emergency cases such as knife cuts, gunshot wounds, and heart attacks. But despite the high demands of being an ER nurse, Michelle enjoyed her time as such.

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According to NBC 5, Michelle claimed “I love the patients here. I love the staff that I work with, the autonomy that you have in the ER as a nurse.”

It was only until Michelle was pregnant with her third child, Landry, that she decided to stop working as a nurse. In the same interview, Michelle believed being with her family was simply more important and that they deserved the best part of her, something she won’t be able to give while working as a nurse. Because of this, Michelle was willing to let go of her passion for nursing in order to attend to her family’s needs. 

Michelle and Jason currently have four kids together and live in Westlake, Texas. They have two sons in CJ and Cooper, and two daughters in Landry and Hadley Grace. During their free time, the family spends most of their vacations in Florida. They go to the beach and bike together. 

Although Michelle has been busy with family matters, she’s also active in helping others as a social worker. Michelle and Jason launched the SCORE Foundation. Through the SCORE Foundation, the Witten Family has been active in initiating outreach programs and new building projects. But aside from this, the foundation has also helped address social issues by launching programs that help victims of domestic violence and family abuse. Moreover, the foundation has also launched learning centers and children wellness programs, as Michelle and Jason are advocates for proper development of children. 

As a consistent figure in the SCORE Foundation, Michelle’s willingness to give back to the community is evident. In fact, her compassion is also positively affecting her household.

Michelle claims, when her husband asks the kids what they want to do when they grow up, her son C.J. will say “I want to be a doctor and take care of people just like my Mommy.”

The Witten family has a lot to be proud of. While Jason went on to become one of the top tight ends to ever play in the NFL, Michelle has also made an impact on society as a healthcare worker and an active supporter against domestic violence. Moreover, they’ve been active parents that worked together to raise four wonderful children. Nevertheless, Jason is lucky to have Michelle as a partner in life. At the time of this writing, this is all the information we have on the question: Who is Jason Witten's wife Michelle Witten?