Through the better portion of Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown's life, he has been associated primarily with the game of basketball.

However, Brown recently told Stephen Hewitt of the Boston Herald that he wants to be remembered for much more than just being a good basketball player.

“When I die, if I’m just known as a good basketball player, then I didn’t do my job, I failed as a human being,” Brown said as he recalled the quote. “I kind of hold myself to the same standard, and if you just remember me for being a good basketball player, I didn’t do enough while I was here.”

It's a fair assessment given that an NBA career is only a portion of his life until he can no longer handle the physical rigors that come with being a professional athlete. If he's able to stay relatively healthy and prove to be a productive player, he could have a long career.

However, Jaylen Brown is hoping that he makes a name for himself publicly off the court in just as an impactful manner or greater. The Celtics forward is set to take a big step in that direction by playing in the NBA's Africa Game on Friday for the league to help further bring people together through the game of basketball.

He may just be about to turn 21 years old, but Brown clearly has his mind on accomplishing bigger things in his life than being a talented basketball player.