At this point, it appears that the Miami Heat are facing quite a number of challenges in their reported pursuit of Utah Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell. The New York Knicks seem to be the frontrunners to land the All-Star shooting guard in what is expected to be a blockbuster deal, but for their part, the Heat aren't ready to give up just yet.

The Jazz reportedly have a very high asking price for their cornerstone stud — and understandably so. According to Jazz team insider Andy Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune, it appears that the Heat may need to get creative if they want to stay in the race for Donovan Mitchell:

“[The Jazz] asked the Heat to engage a third team if they’re interested in Donovan, because they don’t find the packages the Heat can offer sufficient,” Larsen wrote in his tweet.

Apparently, the Heat already have an offer on the table, but it clearly did not meet Utah's valuation of Mitchell. As such, Miami will now need to bring in a third team into the mix in order to make this deal work. This increases the complexity of a trade significantly, with this now potentially becoming a three-team deal between the Heat, the Jazz, and a currently unidentified third team.

Previous reports already suggested that the Heat could be willing to part ways with Sixth Man of the Year Tyler Herro in a swap for Donovan Mitchell. The Jazz obviously want much more than just Herro as they look to secure the future of their franchise.