Jazz news: Dwyane Wade lauds Donovan Mitchell's highlight putback dunk
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Dwyane Wade lauds Donovan Mitchell’s highlight putback dunk

Dwyane Wade

The Utah Jazz evened the series against the Western Conference-leading Houston Rockets last night, but that almost doesn’t matter as much as what Donovan Mitchell did during the game.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Mitchell worked his way into the paint and put up a shot that ended up short. He immediately popped back up and dunked the ball back in with this right hand, hanging on the rim a bit for extra effect.

In case you needed a reminder of the play, it’s immortalized in the tweet below.

Clearly Mitchell is now the best player the NBA has ever seen (sort of). In all seriousness though, Mitchell has absolutely shined in this playoffs, and that put-back dunk was not another example of just how good he already is.

A star NBA player also took notice of Mitchell’s highlight. Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat took to Twitter to convey his astonishment over the play and his support for Mitchells game.

Basically, we are Wade. And remember: Mitchell is only a rookie (of the year). It’s scary to think how good he will get after a few more years in the league.

But him getting that kind of acknowledgment from Wade, and also a featured episode of Kobe Bryant’s “Detail,” shows just how respected Mitchell already is among NBA circles.

There’s no reason to think Mitchell will hit a wall any time soon. He just continues to improve, and this playoff experience will fast track his development in the best way possible.