The Utah Jazz and Portland Trail Blazers agreed to a trade that sent longtime Utah forward Joe Ingles to the Blazers. Aside from his rookie year, Ingles had spent the last eight seasons with the Jazz, so the move was, understandably, a surprising one. Ingles took to Twitter with an emotional statement following his trade to the Blazers.

This is a very genuine reaction by Jazz forward Joe Ingles to the Blazers trade. Ingles acknowledged that the move hurts, which is a look inside the mind of an athlete who was just traded and has to uproot their familiar lifestyle following the move.

Ingles said that he knew there was a chance he would get traded, but he didn't want to accept it because of how “lucky” he and his family have been to call Utah home for the last eight years.

There was a funny moment in Ingles' reaction to the Blazers trade, as he said that there were more things he wanted to say but that he was going to have a beer with some close friends. That's what most people would want after they receive surprising news, good times and good friends!

In all seriousness, Joe Ingles is a classy individual for taking the time to post this emotional message following his trade to the Blazers. Jazz fans are likely wishing him the best of luck in Portland.