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Video: Joe Ingles trolls Rudy Gobert after Game 4 win vs. Thunder

rudy gobert, joe ingles

Joe Ingles had his fair share of fun after a convincing 113-96 Game 4 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder to put the Utah Jazz up 3-1 in the first-round series.

After Rudy Gobert had answered a few questions, The Stifle Tower handed over the microphone to the Aussie, who responded with his typical humor.

“Thanks, Rudy,” said Ingles before cracking a quick one for the media at hand. “That’s your first assist (laughs).”

Gobert humored him by looking into the stat sheet.

“It says zero, right?” quipped Ingles.

“One,” Gobert replied.

Gobert did have one assist, his seventh of the series through four games. But this is the fun a team like this can have instead of making promises to shut someone down.

The Jazz are a far better team than the Thunder, even if the Thunder have the better talent.

Collectively, they had 21 assists for the game, as well as six scorers in double figures — a testament that better teams win in the postseason, not necessarily the best talent.

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