Jerry Colangelo admits to have 'interesting' discussions about Sixers' number 3 pick in the draft
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Jerry Colangelo admits to have ‘interesting’ discussions about Sixers’ number 3 pick in the draft

Bryan Colangelo

With less than three weeks to go before the NBA Draft, teams all around the NBA are continuing to look at the prospects and see which of them is the best fit for their respective systems.

One of those teams is the Philadelphia 76ers, who own the third overall selection. While many believe their selection will be De’Aaron Fox, Dennis Smith Jr. Or Josh Jackson, their president, Bryan Colangelo, surprisingly revealed that there have been some “interesting” discussions on what they will do with the pick. He then hinted, via Keith Pompey of, that the Sixers are also open to dealing the pick, for as long as they can have the best chance of adding talent to improve their lineup further.

“I think that should we move or if there’s a transaction that comes out that gives us a chance to perhaps increase what impact No. 3 can have in terms of its return, I think we will look at it.”

“There’s some discussions that have been fairly interesting.”

It’s no secret that the 76ers are looking for a point guard who can run the team’s offense, which features a number of young and talented big men, including Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Dario Saric to name a few. However, if they come across an offer that will be very difficult for them to pass up, it won’t be surprising to see them pull the trigger on it and give up the third pick in exchange.

Should they not receive an offer that satisfies their needs, they can always keep the pick and select the best talent available. It would signal that more youth will be brought in to their team, and that player can develop together with their young core. The Sixers are indeed in good position to improve, and it’s all in a matter of where they think they’ll be in the best position to do that.