Jets news: Todd Bowles angry with Robby Anderson
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Jets coach Todd Bowles angry with Robby Anderson

Todd Bowles, Jets

National Football League coaches have to pick their battles properly. They can’t get mad about the most benign of stuff. That is probably something New York Jets coach Todd Bowles should realize, as he’s angry at wide receiver Robby Anderson for the dumbest of dumb things.

Anderson, who continued an excellent second season for the Jets with six catches for 146 yards and a touchdown against the Panthers on Sunday, advocated for some Pro Bowl votes when the camera panned on him. This did not sit well with a bunch of old people.

“I didn’t see it, but if that’s true, that’s not smart football,” Bowles said, via “We don’t want selfish players on this team doing selfish things.”

Um … that’s not selfish. No play was in progress. No one was mad other than old white media members. It was just a harmless and QUICK statement from one of the few positives in New York this season.

Because, of course, Robby Anderson had to address this in the postgame.

“Everybody knows I’m all for this team in every aspect,” Anderson said. “I make my life’s decisions based on my team. Everything I do is about being the best I can be for my team. It was nothing malicious or anything like that.”

Todd Bowles, clearly a prude, is apparently not a fan of confidence. Then again, this could be his way of deflecting accountability and spinning the narrative away from the fact that he should probably be fired at any point moving forward.