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Jamal Adams’ strong reaction to accusations against Jets owner Woody Johnson

Jamal Adams, Woody Johnson, Jets

There had already been plenty of speculation regarding the uncertain future of New York Jets safety Jamal Adams. The recent allegations surrounding team owner Woody Johnson has only served to solidify his suspicions of the team’s front office.

Johnson is being investigated for allegedly making racist and sexist comments to staff while using his status as the US ambassador to the United Kingdom to benefit President Donald Trump.

Adams wasted no time in taking to Twitter to suggest that the team is in need of new ownership:

Adams doubled down on the notion that there should be repercussions for Johnson’s reported actions.

“Right is right. Wrong is wrong,” Adams said. “If you don’t think this is wrong you’re part of the problem not the solution.”

Although Johnson’s reputation among Jets fans has long been unsavory, the reports of the remarks he made towards staff have added fuel to the fire.

Adams making his stance clear on a concerning matter regarding his team’s ownership is certainly understandable. Regardless, this has not prevented fans from taking his statement against workplace harassment as a sign that he may want to stick around if Johnson makes plans to sell the team.

Despite his desire to leave, Adams does not hold much leverage with two years left remaining on his rookie deal. Plenty could change during that time and it would be hard to deny the prospect of Johnson’s potential departure serving as a factor for the two-time All-Pro to stick around for the long haul.