Keyshawn Johnson is not holding back on what he thinks Aaron Rodgers can accomplish in New York if traded to the New York Jets. Nor what a successful run in the Big Apple would do for the quarterback’s legacy.

Speaking on his “Keyshawn, JWill and Max” show on ESPN Thursday, Johnson stated emphatically how Rodgers would be viewed if he led the Jets to a championship.

“He’d be the best quarterback ever to play in New York,” Johnson said.

He went on to list Joe Namath, Eli Manning, and Phil Simms, quarterbacks who led the Jets or Giants to Super Bowl titles in New York, as those Rodgers would surpass. A key reason being the Jets have won only one Super Bowl in their history and haven’t played in one since 1969. In fact, NY have not made the playoffs in 12 years.

Yet, they were 7-10 this season – after a 7-4 start – and have most pieces in place to be a serious contender. What they’re missing is an elite quarterback. Hence the reason Jets brass flew cross country to meet with Rodgers earlier this week in California and are looking to make a trade with the Green Bay Packers.

Earlier in the week, Johnson said that Gang Green would be legit contender if they land Aaron Rodgers.

“They would become my favorite team in the AFC East,” Johnson said. “Aaron Rodgers probably would be the best quarterback in the division, surpassing Josh Allen, if he was to join the Jets. And the Jets would go on to make the playoffs and win the division.”

Johnson knows a thing or two about starring in New York, which he did as a wide receiver and first-round pick for the Jets. And he also knows about winning a championship, since he helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win Super Bowl XXXVIII.

So, his take, and pitch, to Rodgers should entice the future Hall of Famer, if he has any doubts at all about what coming to the Jets could do for his already-impressive legacy.