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Mekhi Becton’s message to Robert Saleh after Jets coach called out his haters

Mekhi Becton, Jets, Robert Saleh

New York Jets tackle Mekhi Becton showed his love and appreciation for head coach Robert Saleh, who came into his defense amid the backlash over his latest injury.

Becton is expected to be sidelined for the 2022 season after sustaining a right knee injury in training camp. While details about his injury have yet to be disclosed, there have been reports that he sustained a “patella damage with a small chip-sized fracture.” It is also worth noting that it’s the same knee that he had to get surgery on last season, keeping him out for the remainder of 2021 after Week 1.

Because of the back-to-back injuries, Becton has been on the receiving end of criticisms, with many calling him out for being out of shape and an injury-prone player.

Saleh, for his part, defended Becton and emphasized he always works his tail off and grinds. He also slammed those haters dehumanizing athletes like the Jets tackle.

“These are young men and I think sometimes with social media in this world we dehumanize these athletes in the worst way imaginable,” Saleh said. “And Mekhi has walked into this building and taken every single punch you can get from every which way.”

After hearing Robert Saleh’s support, Mekhi Becton took to Twitter to share his appreciation to the veteran tactician. He then promised that he’ll be back and that “it’s not over” for him.

Hopefully, Becton can recover well from his latest setback. While it’s understandable why fans are frustrated, there is no one who is perhaps more disappointed than the player himself. Which athlete wants to get injured and not play anyway?

At 23 years old, Becton still has plenty of chances to bounce back. For now, though, he knows very well that he needs to get healthy first and not focus on all the hate.