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Jets cancel meetings with top non-QB prospects

Mike Maccagnan, Jets

According to a report from the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the New York Jets are so sure they’re going to take a quarterback in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft that they have canceled all of their meetings with top prospects who are not quarterbacks.

“The Jets’ desire for a QB at No. 3 is well-chronicled and you don’t trade up from 6 to 3 without a passer in mind. But worth mentioning: They’ve canceled Top 30 meetings with top prospects who aren’t QBs… because they simply aren’t going in that direction,” Rapoport tweeted on Tuesday.

That really should not come as much of a surprise to anyone, but the question that remains is precisely which quarterback the Jets are going to select on Thursday evening as the No. 3 overall.

According to an article posted to the Jets’ official website by senior reporter Eric Allen, it is highly likely that Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan will select one of these four quarterbacks: USC’s Sam Darnold, UCLA’s Josh Rosen, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, or Wyoming’s Josh Allen.

“I think there are some very good players in this draft overall and particularly there are some very good quarterbacks in this draft. But from a competitive standpoint, we’re all trying to guess what everyone else is doing around the league,” Maccagnan said.

However, it does sound like Maccagnan is pretty high on Darnold with the 2018 NFL Draft just two days away from starting.

“I think that just kind of worked itself out from a scheduling standpoint. We felt pretty good about Sam in terms of our evaluation of him, but of course, we had a chance to bring him in at the end there and have another small window with him,” Maccagnan said. “In a lot of these situations, anything we can do with that helps the process.”

The direction that the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants go in with the first and second picks should determine a lot in regards to how the rest of the first round will go.