Jets news: Todd Bowles told Rashard Robinson trade via media
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Jets news: Todd Bowles told Rashard Robinson trade via media

Todd Bowles, Jets

New York Jets coach Todd Bowles must not be in the loop with his front-office. After the National Football League franchise traded for San Francisco 49es cornerback Rashard Robinson, the coach was asked for his thoughts on the matter. His answer?

Bowles said, via comments distributed by the team, “did we?” and added “nothing right now” when asked what he knew about Robinson.

The Jets sent a fifth-round pick to the 49ers for cornerback Rashard Robinson. While we could make jokes at the expense of Todd Bowles, the deal hit the wire in enough time for him to face questions about it in a way that makes sense he wasn’t aware it happened.

At the same time, prior to the trade, Bowles did say he believed — or was, at least unaware of — no trades were in th works behind closes door.

It should go without saying that this remains a bad look for the Jets head coach. While it would be unfair to blame him, and only him, for New York’s woes the last few seasons, as the quarterback situation isn’t helping, Bowles needs help wherever he can find it. Not being prepared, whether it was his fault or not, for a situation that paints him in a bad light (optics wise), is not ideal.

Not that any of this much matters. If the Jets plan on firing him, or keeping him for that matter, a little press conference blunder won’t be the straw that breaks the back.

Still, this is funny.