Jets news: Tony Romo believes Sam Darnold has 'that thing the great ones have'
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Tony Romo believes Jets QB Sam Darnold has ‘that thing the great ones have’

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold showed some flashes of being a star quarterback as a rookie, and CBS analyst Tony Romo thinks his second year is going to be even better. Romo watches a lot of film preparing to call games and the one thing he has noticed is how Darnold has the “it” factor that allows him to see and process things on the field that others can’t.

“I just think he’s got that thing the great ones have,” Romo said on Tuesday at the NFL on CBS Media Day via Jets Wire. “The ability to process information very quickly, and his spatial awareness. Some call it ‘the it’ factor, feel, whatever you want to see. He sees angles quicker than other people. His brain allows him to do certain things because of that. I told you guys last year, he’s going to be a good one.”

Last season, Darnold looked really good some weeks and other weeks he struggled. Taking the next step forward this year means he is going to have to be more consistent.

One thing that should help that development is Le’Veon Bell being in the backfield this season. Even after sitting out a year, Bell is still one of the best running backs in the league and he should take some of the pressure off of Darnold.

If the offensive line can keep him upright and he can stay healthy, Darnold should be in store for a big season and the Jets could be one of the surprise teams of the league.