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Jets rumors: Sam Darnold approves of Adam Gase hire

Sam Darnold, Jets, Adam Gase

There’s at least one member of the New York Jets who approves of their new coach.

Incoming head coach Adam Gase has a fan in quarterback Sam Darnold, according to news reports.

Jeff Darlington of ESPN says that Darnold reportedly talked to Adam Gase over FaceTime and that it was then that he felt that the team hired “the right guy.” However, Darnold also reportedly didn’t “impose his opinion” on the general manager.

Gase was reportedly hired as the head coach to help “guide” Darnold into what is, hopefully, a winning season…something the team hasn’t had in a long while.

It’s hoped that Gase will bring out “Peyton Manning-like qualities” in Sam Darnold when he begins his coaching tenure.

CBS’s own Tony Romo also thinks that the Gase hire will prove beneficial for Darnold.

“I think putting him together with (quarterback) Sam Darnold is going to be a very good combination. I think Darnold has some Peyton Manning-type traits. Adam obviously did a great job with Peyton and that situation in Denver.”

And, in an interesting turn of events, it was allegedly Peyton Manning himself who called Jets management to personally recommend Adam Gase for the position before he was formally hired.

Prior to coming on to the Jets and being the “great hope” for Darnold, Gase was the head coach for the Miami Dolphins but was fired after two seasons. In addition to being quarterbacks coach for the Broncos from 2011 to 2012, he was also the offensive coordinator (2013-14) when Manning made the late-career transition from the Colts and won an NFL MVP with the Broncos.