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Joakim Noah thought Knicks ‘made too much sense’ in free agency once Derrick Rose went to New York

When Derrick Rose was traded by the Bulls to the Knicks, Joakim Noah knew it meant he needed to go to New York too.

Multiple players were involved in the Rose trade, but one in particular opened the door perfectly for Noah: Robin Lopez.

As Noah told the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson:

“When the Derrick trade went down, it was for a center, for Robin. So I knew that there was going to be a (Knicks) need for a center.”

Seeing his longtime point guard go to a team in need of a player with his skill set, Noah saw all he needed to make his free agency decision.

“I remember my agent telling me this team was going to be an option and this team was going to be an option. And I couldn’t even think about anything but playing for New York. My mind was already set on where I wanted to play.

“It made too much sense – hometown, Derrick, Phil (Jackson), just everything. For me, it’s like a dream come true.”

With these former Bulls in New York, the Knicks-Bulls matchups are bound to be exciting next season, and it’s something that Noah is looking forward to. NBA fans surely won’t mind the extra weight on those Eastern Conference rivals either.

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