Turning 60 has been good for actress Jodie Foster.

The actress opened up about aging and how she felt about it all as she's turning older in a recent discussion for Interview, according to PEOPLE.

Jodie Foster discusses aging

In discussing aging and what it's like getting older, the actress revealed she has shifts in her life. It ranges from feelings of doubt to getting it all figured out.

“I think it's an age thing, because I felt these huge shifts the day I turned 30 and the day I turned 60,” the actress said. “And 60 was the best shift of all, because I was struggling in my fifties. I was sort of like, ‘Am I ever going to do anything meaningful again? Is this all there is?'”

She then discussed the “awkward phase,” where people do things to help alter their looks. She wanted no part of it.

“And there's that awkward phase where everybody who's in their late forties or fifties is very busy getting all plumped and shooting shit into their face. I didn't want that life,” the actress said.

As for turning 60, it's where she felt like maybe she had it figured out to a certain extent. Her 50s were a bit tough, as she couldn't compete with her old self.

“I turned 60. I was like, ‘I figured it out. This is good.' There was something about going back to the work with a different attitude, I think. About really enjoying supporting other people and saying to myself, ‘This is not my time. I had my time. This is their time, and I get to participate in it by giving them whatever wisdom I have,'” Foster said.

Whatever age, her fans will always be anxious for whatever project Jodie Foster has next.