It's hard to argue that DeMarcus Cousins is a top talent in this league.

He was the only player in the NBA in 2015-16 to rank in the top five in scoring and rebounding. Although his talent on the court is crystal clear, there are questions about his attitude and if the Sacramento Kings can build around him.

John Calipari, who coached Cousins at the University of Kentucky, believes his former player can win the NBA MVP award—if the Kings get their act together.

Via the Louisville Courier-Journal:

“He's in a great frame of mind, but they gotta get their stuff together so he can be who he is,. Don't worry about coaching, don't worry about anything; just play and be an All-Star. If that team can win, if it can advance by the first round in the playoffs, I would say he will be in the equation for MVP in the NBA. He'll be in the conversation. And he should be. He's that good. He is that good.”

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Calipari continued to gush about the 24-year-old's talent, but stressed that Cousins won't ever be considered for MVP if the team around him only wins 25-to-30 games a season:

“But you can't when your team's messed up. There is no MVP coming from a team that's winning 25, 30 games. You gotta be a 50-win team, a 55-win team, you gotta advance in the playoffs, and then all of a sudden you're one of the guys they're talking about. And he's got that kind of talent.”

While it's true Calipari is well-known for supporting his former college players, it's hard to argue his point. The fact is, Cousins has played in an unstable environment ever since he was drafted in 2010 as a 19-year-old kid. In six seasons with Sacramento, Cousins has had six different head coaches.

There is a reason the Kings haven't made the playoffs since the 2005-06 season. There is way too much turnover and not enough stability.

If Sacramento can start to build properly with new head coach Dave Joerger, the sky is the limit for the Kings.

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