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3 reasons why Josh Giddey is the perfect player for OKC

Josh Giddey, Thunder, OKC

When the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to rest Al Horford and fully heal the injury of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander last season, their organization was banking on selecting a top three pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green, and Evan Mobley were advertised as franchise-altering players, but the Thunder dropped down to sixth in the draft lottery. Initially, it seemed like a disappointment, but their chance on drafting Australian guard Josh Giddey has been a revelation for their franchise.

At just 19 years of age, Giddey is constantly showcasing how his game perfectly complements the style of their franchise player in Gilgeous-Alexander. Even with his lack in experience and maturity, he still possesses massive upside and potential because of his all-around skill set on both ends of the court. His height brings a tremendous advantage to his vision and slashing abilities, thus making Giddey an ideal fit for their squad.

Sensational floor general skills

At 6’8″, Giddey is a headache for any team if he is bringing down the ball and setting up the offensive schemes for the Thunder. Even if their other players are still not developed with their offensive repertoire, Giddey finds them on spots in the floor where they would not have much difficulty of converting their shots.

With Gilgeous-Alexander known for taking charge in clutch time, Giddey could be the primary ball handler that sets him up for the spectacular buckets. Per Stathead, Giddey joined the likes of LeBron James and LaMelo Ball as the only teenagers in NBA History to to tally 100 rebounds and 100 assists in the first 20 games of their NBA career.

Josh Giddey leads all rookies with 5.8 assists per game. That already seems like a high number, but when Giddey becomes more methodical and efficient, he could average close to 10 assists a game.

Relentlessness on both ends

As a rookie in the league, it is vital to portray a relentless and hard-nosed attitude to their coaches and teammates. With this, it makes them gain the trust and confidence to earn more minutes in a team searching for players that could provide some sort of their boost to their organization.

Even with his lack of shooting and quickness, Giddey has the attributes and characteristics that would convince the Thunder that he is willing to grow and learn their system. There are still some glaring holes in his game, but if the willingness and openness is there for the young teenager to learn, head coach Mark Daigneault will be ecstatic with their draft selection.

Josh Giddey has the athleticism and awareness to enhance his defensive abilities over the course of his career, especially if he continues to persevere and hustle every single possession.

Reliable in-between game

With the ascension of analytics in this era, the mid-range shots have not been advisable shot to attempt for the any player in the league. However, several individuals such as Chris Paul and DeMar DeRozan have continued to excel with their consistent conversions from that area of the court.

Giddey has proven that he has a terrific floater and short jumper from around 15 feet as well. As a phenomenal player on the pick and roll, his in-between game makes him more of a threat on any kind of defense that is thrown on him. His ability to be deliberate and brilliant as he continues to mature will be integral as the main facilitator for the Thunder.

As OKC is not expected to contend for the next few years, it is important to prioritize the player development of their young players like Giddey. The Thunder are known to excel at this facet of their organization through their former stars, thus raising the confidence and belief that Josh Giddey may also be a incredible point forward for the future of their franchise.