New Kansas basketball player Hunter Dickinson opened up about why he left the Michigan basketball program, and he was very honest in saying that NIL earnings played a significant role in his decision, via the RoundBall podcast, according to ESPN.

“The people hating on me would leave their job right now for a $10,000 increase,” Hunter Dickinson said, via the RoundBall podcast, according to ESPN. “I got less than six figures at Michigan for the year.”

Dickinson was the top-rated player in the transfer portal, and has an impressive resume from his three seasons at Michigan. He is a three-time All-Big Ten player, according to sports reference. He averaged 18.5 points and nine rebounds per game during the 2022-2023 season, and provides a great weapon in the front court for Bill Self's Kansas basketball program.

There were many notable transfers this cycle, and Dickinson got the most attention during his decision process. Clearly, the NIL compensation at least played a part in it. It also helps that Kansas should be a contender to win a national championship next season.

Dickinson was not the only key transfer that Bill Self added to the team for this upcoming season. Towson transfer Nick Timberlake was another big get for Kansas, he is a strong shooter from the outside. Nick Timberlake should compliment Dickinson well. Arterio Morris also transferred to Kansas.

Taking into account the financial reasoning, along with the type of team Kansas should be next season, it is easy to see why Dickinson chose to play for Bill Self's program.