With his unrestricted free agency looming in a week, Kevin Durant told ESPN’s Zach Lowe that he doesn’t see a problem with Oklahoma City’s trade of Serge Ibaka, a longtime teammate for the Thunder star.

It’s uncertain whether Durant himself will stay with the Thunder this summer as he becomes a free agent. On Thursday, the team traded Ibaka to the Orlando Magic in return for guard Victor Oladipo, reserve forward Ersan Ilvasova and the recently-drafted Domantas Sabonis. It was a hefty haul for the team, especially with the $25-million question of whether Durant will stay or go still on the table.

For the Thunder, Ibaka filled a critical role as power forward alongside Durant for seven seasons. However, Durant said that he’s fine with his former teammate heading elsewhere while he’s still in his prime years of athleticism.

Ibaka will also become an unrestricted free agent next summer. His trade came after he expressed annoyance over a lack of touches with the Thunder in recent years. Last season, he hit a low with 12.6 points and 6,8 rebounds per game, dropping to a shaky 32.6 percent from behind the three point line. This caused Steven Adams and Enes Kanter to take over partially for Ibaka, a role he didn’t appreciate.

Many believe that Durant will stay with Oklahoma City, perhaps on only a one-year contract. The Thunder general manager, Sam Presti, even expressed excitement on pitching a new prospect to Durant, who has played with the Thunder since he was drafted in 2007. Now, however, Ibaka’s move to Orlando might cause Durant to have less ties to the Thunder franchise. Only time will tell where the star will move next season.