Some time has passed ever since Kevin Durant‘s fateful decision was made to leave OKC. Now that things have cooled down, the highly sought after free agent has opened up about the decision to make his way to Golden State.

“Having a chance to play in Oklahoma City for eight years, to see the city come together to support the team, I understand (why they’re upset),” Durant told USA Today. “I understand where they're coming from. It hurt me. I was hurt for a few days because I know that I hurt so many people in Oklahoma City by changing teams.”

He even brings up sentiments of how he will be perceived among his fans and now ex-fans.

“I thought about (being perceived as the proverbial villain), but in life when you make decisions based on everyone else, I think it's the wrong decision,” continued Durant. “I can't make a decision on my life because everybody else is going to be upset about it. I just told myself to put me first, to really think about what I wanted, and that's what I wanted. We'll see what happens.”

All Durant can do now is lock himself in to the idea of winning many titles with GSW, as that was the ultimate reason he made the switch.

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