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Dave Joerger denies front office rift after Luka Doncic comments


Sacramento Kings coach Dave Joerger clarified his comments on the rookie sensation of the Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic.

Per James Ham of NBCS Sports, Joerger made it clear that he wasn’t taking a shot at the Kings front office or to anyone in particular. He shared what he said was just a reflection of his friendship with Vlade Divac, the vice president of basketball operations and general manager of the Kings:

“All we’re trying to do is say something positive about another team’s player,” Joerger said. “There’s no veiled shots at anybody. De’Aaron (Fox) gushed about him and Bogi (Bogdan Bogdanovic) gushed about him and his ability and wishing him the best. It’s unfortunate that we had to play him and so is the rest of the league because the guy is playing really well right now.”

“It was out of love and positivity and people are trying to turn it something between Vlade (Divac) and I. Vlade and I are like this. Three years we’ve been working together and we love it. I love him.”

Below are Joerger’s comments that led to some bit of controversy. For some context, the Kings opted to pick Marvin Bagley III as the second overall pick, passing on Luka Doncic who was selected third.

“Perhaps there was an idea that there was a ceiling on him – I don’t see it, unfortunately for us. He’s great for them and he’s great for our league.”

His comments suggested that perhaps Joerger didn’t have much of a say in the draft process. But as he pointed out, it isn’t the case and that he meant no harm.