Kings news: Sacramento Twitter account censors woeful score vs. Jazz
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Kings Twitter account censors woeful score vs. Jazz

Marvin Bagley

The Sacramento Kings have a good collection of young talent headlined by first rounders Marvin Bagley III and De’Aaron Fox, alongside big man Willie Cauley-Stein ace shooter Buddy Hield. Despite the undeniable talent that this roster possesses, it is clear that there is not much expected from their existing roster, especially on a rebuild.

In short, this team is nowhere near competing in the playoffs and is expected to be bad. Even though on a rebuild, being one of the worst in the league is not something that any team takes pride about, even on a preseason game.

As it usually does, the Kings’ Twitter account posted some plays showcasing highlights from the game against the Utah Jazz. But what caught the attention of many was the way the score had been censored.

Without a doubt, it was a shameful beatdown for the Kings. But at least, for what it’s worth, Sacramento’s social media team is on top of its game.

The hopes and dreams of the franchise and Kings fans ride on this roster they patiently constructed, which might go to waste with this disheartening display.

At any rate, even with quality pieces, without a real star to call their own, the Kings are in limbo with the direction they are headed into the future. It would not be a surprise for the Kings to make some surprising moves this upcoming season to salvage or give them a shade of relevance to save face for the franchise.