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Knicks’ James Dolan wants to stage benefit concert for Covid survivors with antibodies at MSG

James Dolan, Knicks

New York Knicks owner James Dolan has shared his plan to stage a benefit concert for COVID-19 survivors with antibodies at Madison Square Garden.

Dolan penned an article via The New York Post detailing the intentions of his plan, as well as some general information about it. According to Dolan, there are certain parts of New York’s ecosystem that are “in trouble.” In light of this, Dolan intends to raise money that only COVID-19 survivors with antibodies can attend.

“But I believe there is a way to safely host an event that will raise money for those in need, help scientists with data, and remind the world of the New York Experience: A benefit concert.

We at Madison Square Garden would love to host this event, and believe it can be done responsibly.”

According to Dolan, MSG will pay for the test. Those who are cleared will be given a passport to attend the show inside the home of the Knicks.

“There are already an estimated 2 million New Yorkers who have COVID-19 antibodies and have cleared the virus. To date, it appears no one who has had the virus has been re-infected or passed the virus on.

For anyone who wanted to attend, the Garden would pay for antibody test beginning four weeks before the event. Those who pass will receive an antibody passport and be able to attend the show.”

The owner of the Knicks noted that the benefit concert is to remind the world of the “New York Experience.” He also pointed out that the concert “could serve as an example of how we can resume our lives and stay safe.”

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