On Tuesday evening, Josh Hart and the New York Knicks took the floor at home in Madison Square Garden against Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans in a bit of inter-conference NBA action. The Knicks were playing without the services of point guard Jalen Brunson among others, meaning Hart and other role players would have to step up in order for New York to win.

A bit of controversy ensued early on in this game, when Hart went up for a layup and was promptly (unintentionally) smacked across the face by Williamson, who was going for a block. Surprisingly, no foul was called by the referees, despite the fact that Hart eventually bled from the nose due to the shot.

Of course, although Hart's frustration with the officials on this play is certainly understandable, it would take quite a bit of audacity for any member of the Knicks to complain too much to the referees considering the win that New York was gifted the previous night against the Detroit Pistons in a wild last play that officials have since acknowledged shouldn't have counted.

In any case, maybe that was retribution from the basketball gods for when the Knicks were shafted by the officials in a recent road game vs the Houston Rockets. In any case, the back and forth cycle appears to be going on and on, and the real losing party is the NBA, which continues to lose credibility as officials miss increasingly obvious fouls such as the one Tuesday evening.